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Spontaneous Audio Devices – Son of Kong – EQ/Gain and DI Pedal – ID 3396


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2 switchable channels (V1 and V2) with up to 15 dB 0f clean gain at V1 and up to 35 dB at V2.
Super-flexible, fully parametric EQ with 20 dB of boost/cut, available to V1, V2, and the DI.
Provides an almost limitless array of clean and distorted tones.
55 dB maximum possible gain to your amp’s front end!
Studio quality, ultra-musical DI output.
True Hardwire Bypass.
Throughput to feed additional pedals or for amp switching.
Output, Throughput, and DI can all be used simultaneously.
Conveniently runs on a single 9V battery or up to 40V from an external power supply for increased head room and pristine transient response.
100 hour life on a single 9V battery.

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