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Captain Sale Service

We will take care of it!!

Captain Sale Service

If you can’t or don’t want to take care of selling your instruments, get in touch with us!

Our pages are visited more than 5000 times a day, and the number is growing.
We send out a monthly newsletter to over 3500 guitar enthusiasts listing your equipment.

We also advertise selected items in EBAY on EBAY Classifieds and on Reverb.com

We check the items, take pictures, answer all questions and pack and ship everything for you in the end, if necessary also by forwarding agency.

All amplifiers get a service, guitars are checked through, cleaned if necessary, restringed and properly adjusted. This increases sales opportunities and reduces complaints.

We call this the
Captain Sale Service.

No more calls on the phone: “What’s last price?” and no more shady characters in your apartment.

The Captain Sale service costs
60 Euro flat rate for taking pictures and uploading to the online shop, for answering questions on the phone and by email
and for demonstrating and explaining here in the lounge for a period of 6 months.
After that, it is always automatically extended for another 6 months, which costs 30 euros each time.

In case of sale 15% commission from the selling price will be charged.
(At least 50 euros).

We will send you a detailed preliminary statement showing you exactly how much you can expect to earn.
And when everything is sold you will get a final invoice and we will transfer the proceeds to your account.

The all-round carefree package!

For inexpensive items we have the Fundgrube. There, the listing fee is 30 euros and the minimum commission is 25 euros. Fundgrube articles only appear in the online shop.

If this sounds interesting to you
get in touch with us!

+49 (0)8141 88869 71

If you should send us an instrument or an amplifier please have a look at our Delivery and packing instructions.


If a consignment sale is not an option for you
also buy your

We pay common dealer purchase prices,
but your proceeds will always be lower than in a commission sale with the Captain Sale Service.

Please email a detailed
description to
(please reduce the size, max. 200kB I don’t want to make a photo wallpaper of it).

And please ALLWAYS with your asking price.


To finance the purchase of your new equipment from us, we will gladly take your used instruments in trade.

The same rules apply to a trade-in as to a purchase.

Captain video

We create a great product video for your equipment, put it on our YouTube channel and link it to your offer.

This increases the hit rate for potential buyers and gives them an impression of how things sound.

You can find examples on our
YouTube channel.

The video costs a flat rate of 120 euros and is between two and four minutes long.

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