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Captain Guitar Lounge

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Captain Amps

Vintage Tone To Die For

Captain Guitar Lounge

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Captain Guitar Lounge

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Guitar Service

Besides tube amps, we also take care of all types of guitars here in the Captain Guitar Lounge, whether they have 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 12 strings, whether acoustic or electric or both.

Even more complex repairs or extreme conversions are no problem for our experienced team.

A broken neck is by no means a broken leg, a fretjob helps your favorite instrument to regain its old freshness and we also make tinkered construction sites suitable for the stage again.

The turnaround time in the guitar workshop is usually less than two weeks.
For a fret job or if parts have to be ordered, however, it can sometimes take a little longer.

If you should send us an instrument or an amplifier please have a look at our delivery and packing instructions.

Fon: 08141/88869-71


Captain EXPRESS Service

Or: How to speed it up.

When you can’t wait.

When you need to have the instrument repaired immediately.
Or if you don’t want to (or can’t) come back to pick up the amp (or guitar) after the repair.

For this we charge a surcharge of 30% on the accumulated working hours.

The prices for spare parts do not change.

For this service you need make an appointment by phone or email!

Install and notch saddle Standard 77,00 €
(without saddle) Surcharge for brass saddle 30,00 €
Saddle notch 20,00 €
Setup guitar complete Octave setting, string action, neck adjust, pickup height, re-notch saddle if necessary. 57,00 €
With tremolo 67,00 €
with “Floyd Rose”-style tremolo 77,00 €
Dress and polish frets with Rosewood fingerboard 97,00 €
with lacquered fingerboard 107,00 €
Deburr and round off fret ends 57,00 €
Refretting rosewood fingerboard 257,00 €
lacquered fingerboard 277,00 €
Surcharge for binding 40,00 €
Surcharge fender before 1982 40,00 €
Surcharge stainless steel frets 65,00 €
Milling work Tremolo milling compl. 107,00 €
with additional undercut 127,00 €
Pickup milling 57,00 €
Change pickup 1 pickup 50,00 €
2 pickups 60,00 €
3 pickups 70,00 €
Pickup waxing without mounting 47,00 €
Soldering electrics e.g. Strat pickguard complete 87,00 €
Replace switch or potentiometer 47,00 €
Assembly guitar complete Telecaster type incl. Setup 357,00 €
Stratocaster type incl. Setup 407,00 €
Special price Captain Guitar, all parts from Captain Guitar Parts Shop 307,00 €

All prices are indicative and may vary depending on the effort.
Especially with semiacoustic guitars, you can expect higher prices for work on the electronics.
Bring your instrument by, we will discuss what needs to be done and make you an offer.

Captain CITES Service

We help you legalize your instruments with Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra). For all instruments manufactured before July 20, 1992, we will obtain for you a

EC certificate for musical instruments with specially protected wood species

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