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Delivery and packing

Of course you can also send us equipment for repair or modification.
And also things for Captain Sale service can be shipped.
Here are some tips for shipping and secure packaging.

Delivery repair/modification

When sending an amplifier or a guitar via a shipping service provider or courier
please ALWAYS fill out and enclose the delivery note.

You can download the delivery note here:
Amp delivery V2.1

On page two, all the necessary information is summarized once again.
We will be happy to provide additional information by phone or email.

Shipping service provider

It is up to you which shipping service provider you choose. Some are faster, some are cheaper, and one may be right around the corner from you.

If there are problems, they usually arise during delivery. Some drivers are more motivated than others, some pay better attention and some can’t find the address because they are new.

However, delivery agents change from time to time, so we cannot give a general recommendation here. We are happy to give information by phone if there are current preferences from our side.


Of course, you should insure your package at the current value of goods. However, this will only help in case of loss or verifiable damage by the shipping service provider. Transport damages are only avoided by proper packing, please follow our packing instructions.


Since we are often asked how to pack and ship an amplifier or guitar optimally, we have written the most important points together.
Devices packed according to these instructions can be shipped without worry.

  1. Preparation amplifier / guitar / device
    • Remove accessories and moving parts, e.g. picks, patch cords, spare tubes, plug-in rollers. Please do not include cold appliance cables (power cords) unless they are permanently connected.
    • Visual inspection for damage before packing.
    • Check if all screws are tight, especially the chassis screws of the amp, and nothing wobbles. Gladly also the reverb bag is loose.
    • Tubes: Secure power stage tubes against falling out/slipping! Either clamp tightly (foam) or remove and pack individually in a cardboard box (place cardboard box in amp). Pre-stage tubes with shielding caps do not need to be removed.
    • Secure the power cord and foot switch against banging around in the amplifier. If necessary, fill the interior of the amplifier with air cushion or newspaper.
    • If there is a cover for the amplifier, feel free to send it along
  2. Choosing the right carton
    • Find a strong carton, normal moving cartons are usually unsuitable. Do not choose cardboard too big, 5-10cm to all sides is optimal.
    • Recycling centers and neighboring businesses often help with cardboard and filling material – asking costs nothing, and the cardboard usually costs nothing, too.
  3. Choosing the right filling material
    • Good: Styrofoam sheets, (rigid) foam, molded parts, original cartons with corner parts!!!, “crumple/crumple paper”, bubble wrap, even pillows are ok.
    • Bad: flakes, chips, airbags (as they are not impact resistant), foils, newspaper uncrumpled, or even the old dog blanket from the back seat.
    • For the sake of convenience, in the case of mixed packaging of paper, flakes, chips and residual waste, we take the liberty of charging for the removal of the mess.
  4. Amplifier packing method
    • “Protective shield” put in front of the front covering, sturdy cardboard or thin wooden plate.
    • Amplifier once wrap in pleasure cushion foil.
    • Place the amplifier in the package (pay attention to the base) and “clamp” it tightly into the box on all sides, paying particular attention to the corners. Multilayer cardboard is suitable here. Fill the remaining space with suitable filling material. Pay attention to protruding parts (knobs/switches) and do not place any load on them, or protect them additionally from damage.
    • Generally pack air free/tight. The amplifier must not be able to move in its package. To test, simply shake the finished package: It should react like a solid block.
  5. Guitar packing method
    • For guitar cases, a rectangular outer box is enough, protect the case from falling around / fill in the box.
    • Guitars without cases are hard to ship! Please contact us by phone.
    • Secure loose parts and relax strings.
    • Some stringed instruments can only be shipped as bulky goods (e.g. Explorer, Flying-V, Basses)
  6. Shipping general
    • Pay attention to the size and weight of the finished package – measure, weigh and compare. The permissible dimensions and weights can be found on the homepage of the shipping service provider.
    • “Normal” shipping goes up to 31.5kg with DHL and up to 40kg with GLS.
    • Always pay attention to the maximum belt dimension and the maximum length!
    • Heavier packages must be shipped by freight forwarding. We can organize a pickup upon request.

The drivers of the parcel services do NOT watch out for the things. A label CAUTION GLASS, FTRAGILE or similar does NOT HELP!

The package must be able to fall from a height of 1m without harming the device.
Reporting transport damage to the parcel service does not help in the vast majority of cases, the device was always packed too poorly.
Insured shipping only protects against loss, not damage unless it can be proven.

In case of insufficient packaging, extra packaging costs may be charged for return shipment in order to exclude damage.

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