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Steavens – MFC 1 Midi Foot Controller – ID 3427


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Aus den 90s
In 1987 Bernhard Stephan, founder of Steavens Custom Amplification started his professional career, working for Valley Arts Guitars as a technician.
One year later he had the opportunity to build the rack systems for Matthias Jabs and Rudolph Schenker of Germany´s most favourite rock band “The Scorpions”. He also joined them for two weeks on their Savage Amusement US tour.
Back in Germany, he developed multi channel modifications mainly for Marshall amps. Next to more knobs he´s adding all the modifications on printed circuit boards to guarantee reliable operation and maintaining the high built quality.
More Gain, additional channels and more TONE were the ingredients to make a true Rock amplifire. Leaving the deep trodden paths in the direction towards innovative amp design without disregarding experience from the past, Steavens Custom Amplification was founded in 1988.
All Steavens products are the result of uncompromising design, top notch built quality and the use of only the best components available. A careful fine-tuning took some time to achieve the tone quality that cut through any mix and versatility, appreciated and needed by the working musician.
Notable users of Steavens amps:
Michael Wilton-Queensryche, Reb Beach-Winger Ian Crichton-Saga, as well as Luther Allison †.
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Abmessung: 48 x 46 x 6 cm (B x T x H)

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