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The ’59 Tweed Pro is an icon of the Fender amp line, the last variant 5E5-A, an amp for PROfessionals.
The special feature is the tone control. In contrast to the normal Fender tone control with Teble, Bass (and with the Upper Level Amps also Middle) from the Bassman, which was later also used for all Fender Blackface Amps, this one is much more effective. By the way, the circuit is the same with the Tweed Super and Tweed Bandmaster from the last years of construction, only the output transformer was adapted to the different speaker combinations.

We built this amp for Nicolas and equipped it with the following options according to his wishes:

  • NOS V1 12AX7
  • PPIMV Master
  • HI/Lo Power switch for silicon rectifier or rectifier tube
  • Captain Power Soak CPS60
  • Captain Amp Cover

Here you can create your personal FTP59.

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