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Today a special treat as Miss July.
A 56 Stratocaster WITH the matching Tweed Champ from the same year!
Plus my freshly overhauled Captain Mobil, a ’67 Volvo Amazon station wagon.

I’ve had the Volvo for over 20 years. He is 6 days younger than me and we have already experienced a lot. Now it was time for a refresher course, so that we have a lot of fun together for a long time.
I lowered it a bit and it got new door panels and carpets, a new dash and tailgate. The old one was pretty rusted through.

Technically, everything is okay so far, the Bosch D-Jet injection system runs smoothly and gives it performance suitable for everyday use. And such a combination truck is practical anyway.

The Strat was cleanly refinished and spruced up a few years ago. Looks like it already has an alder body, at that time Fender switched from ash to alder. The wood was easier to work with. And the body is one-piece!

The pickup caps and pot knobs are repros and the switch has been replaced with a 5-way. But that’s ok, for that the price is still somehow achievable.

Since some tuners already have play would offer to replace the mechanics and spare the original ones. We will gladly take care of that upon request.

The 56er Champ is the perfect complement to the Strat for jamming at home.
The condition is really incredible. We gave it new electrolytic capacitors and repaired the speaker, the cardboard was already very fragile. Rarely seen a tweed amp in such good condition!

The operation of a Champ is very clear, the volume control also functions as a power switch and you can connect two instruments at the same time if necessary.

Such a Maple Strat is really something special, and then with the matching Tweed Champ. That really puts you in a good mood!
You can test the set in the lounge and exceptionally also purchase it. But the Volvo stays here.

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