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This Fender Bandmaster from March 1959 has already experienced a lot. At some point, someone pulled the probably badly battered fur over his ears and replaced it with new tweed. Unfortunately, not very professional and in the execution in no way corresponding to the original. Only the lower back wall has survived, was probably too much work.

Also the front cover was replaced and a wrong handle was mounted.

Chris, the owner of this gem, provided an original dogbone handle and a piece of original front cover from the 50s.

We then stripped the case completely, removed all layers of old glue, and sanded the case. Then putty all the flaws and false holes, and again sanded everything.

Then re-glued the tweed with the correct gradient and re-covered the front.

Then at the end everything is shellac painted and nicely geaged to match the old back panel well.

Now it looks as good as it sounds again!

Have fun with it Chris!


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