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March is dominated by David Murray and Iron Maiden.
The London native turned 66 last December and, along with Steve Harris, is considered a founding member of the English hard rock band.

Dave played, with a few exceptions, Stratocasters from Fender, which he modified for harder playing.
Mostly the singlecoil pickups were replaced by humbuckers and a Floyd Rose tremolo was mounted.

On this ’95 Floyd Rose Stratocaster, the tremolo came from the factory and the previous owner replaced the pickguard with a Seymour Duncan Dave Murray Loaded pickguard .

When it came to amps, Dave relied on Marshall amps most of the time, except for a brief escapade with Gallien Kruger.
In the early days he played 50W tops, then later a JMP-1 through the power amps of two JCM2000 tops.

The JCM800 Model 4210 from the Limited Edition with brown front cover shown here is not 100% correct, but produces the right tone for Run To The Hills or The Number Of The Beast with this Power Strat.

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