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Captain Buddy Amp


Welcome to the Captain Buddy Amp configurator.
Here you can customize your Buddy step by step.

The Captain Buddy is the quintessence of 20 years of experience in amplifier building and repair. It is the sum of our experience and is clearly oriented towards the old amplifiers from the sixties and seventies.
Sound and flexibility were the main topics during development. We created a modular concept where everyone can customize his Buddy to his needs.

Each Captain Buddy Amp is an unique piece and is handmadefor you.
Therefore, special requests are always possible, just contact us and we will discuss your ideas.

Delivery time is between 8 and 16 weeks depending on options and special requests.

Captain Buddy in Guitar&Bass Magazin January 2021
“Extremely variable in tone and equipped with sophisticated practical features, it delivers a wide spectrum of sounds from ultra clean to high-gain lead that responds dynamically to string attack at any distortion level, while not over-compressing.”

The complete test report on six pages is available here:



The base of the Captain Buddy amp contains two switchable channels, with the first channel covering all sounds from ultra-clean to powerful crunch. The second channel serves all sound wishes up to a fat rock sound and sustaining lead sounds. The amp base uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes, one 12AT7 in phase shifter and two 6L6WGC power tubes. We replaced the rectifier tube with a diode rectifier, which creates more reliability and makes the power supply tighter. If desired, a Captain Tube Rectifier Emulator can be installed to simulate the rectifier tube. Of course, the Captain Buddy is equipped with Mercury Magnetics transformers. And all other components are also of the best quality and are assembled by hand. The amplifier is built in all-tube technology and has no semiconductors in the signal path. Channel switching and all other switching functions are performed by high-quality relays and not via optocouplers. An automatic level reduction (muting) for a few milliseconds ensures noise-free switching between the channels. This is especially important when a Delay is used in the loop path. The output transformer provides three output impedances 4, 8 and 16 ohms, which can be selected by a switch on the rear panel. All other modules are optional, so everybody can customize his Captain Buddy individually.

Here are a few more YouTube videos from an enthusiastic user: https://youtu.be/PmnBNZF8OXw https://youtu.be/DZbmJPd1DJw https://youtu.be/VBv_rFAuM8Y https://youtu.be/4RbYxW8OUFk https://youtu.be/41MqGLKMarA https://youtu.be/41MqGLKMarA

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