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1950 Fender Broadcaster ID 40


The world’s first series-produced solid-body guitar.

Two hundred pieces are said to have been made at the end of 1950 / beginning of 1951, but nobody knows for sure. Then Fender was not allowed to continue using the name, because the Gretsch company had a drum set on the market called Broadkaster. After a transitional period in which the name was simply cut off the decals, the guitar was then called Telecaster from September 1951 and is still built in various versions today.


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My late 50s was repainted quite unprofessionally. The paint was far too thick and the white undercoat was not authentic.
The first picture shows her in her old paintwork on the cover of the 2014 calendar.
Matt from MJT in Missouri carefully removed the fake paint and did a fantastic paint job based on a template from the Blackguard book. After a lot of aging in the Captain Guitar Shop, it looks very authentic again. More photos HERE

The neck was probably oversprayed during the first “restoration”, but we can’t say for sure, as it was 40 years ago. The machine heads have the Single Line “Kluson Deluxe” imprint, so they are a bit newer. Otherwise everything looks very original to me, if you’re really interested I’ll be happy to send you pictures of the inside and the expertise.

The previous owner in the 80s was Chris Such, guitarist of the band The Headless Horsemen. He wrote to me:

Back in 1986 I purchased fender #0903 from honest Ron of Tulsa Oklahoma in Dallas Texas for the kingly sum of $600 dollars it was/is a 1950/1 fender broadcaster , when I got the guitar it had been refinished in a “close but no cigar ” thick finish (both neck and body) and had all original parts , except replaced pots. I used the guitar for a few years (also on our can’t help but shake lp) some live shows . Now after I sold it I heard it went to live with the guitarist for the scorpions 🦂 for a decade or so. Well it’s back up for sale @captainguitarlounge looks like a few refinished and some changed parts later. Interesting side note , when I got the guitar I was told it was a 2 pickup esquire , which in 1986 no one had heard off , it’s most certainly one of the earliest examples out there.
☆ more coffee and I remember that when I originally bought the guitar story was it had been a non-truss rod neck that had gone south around 56 and fender replaced with a “new” neck in 1956 but had used original hardware (it did have the earliest tuners) Now I see that neck seems to have been replaced with a period correct early 50s neck. ☆

I cannot say to what extent these memories are correct. In any case, the pots are original. Just like the other hardware. Only the single line Kluson tuners are from the late 50s.
The neck and decal are original, so it can’t be an Esquier and the non-Trussrod story is also questionable. Where would the Broadcaster decal be from?
Enclosed are photos of the band and their album, on the back you can see #0903.

From my private collection.

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