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The best British JTM45 Clone
Condition: Very Good
Weight: 60 kg
Shipping class: Extra Heavy
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Original price was: 17.497,00 €.Current price is: 13.122,75 €.

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1 in stock

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We are offering this JTM 45 Halfstack on behalf of a customer.
The amplifier and speaker were probably built in London in Denmark Street in the early 1990s. (Music Ground)
Many original parts were used, but of course repro parts made to look old were also used.
This and various other amps were sold as original Marshall amps from the 60s.
And again and again, without anyone noticing. That's how well the stack is made and how good it sounds!

The halfstack was sold as an original Coffin logo amp+box to a recording studio in Germany.
It was used for over ten years for countless recordings and then sold on with a few other amplifiers to a collector in Frankfurt.
And again ten years later, another collector bought these amplifiers. When he wanted to sell them again, the scam came to light.

The stack was therefore never on the road, hence its above-average condition.

Splitfront JTM45 with Radiospares output transformer, mains transformer and choke. The Coffin logo on the top seems to be original, the one on the box is a repro.
The potentiometers, capacitors, resistors, switches and the indicator are all parts from the sixties.
The KT66 power amp tubes, the Mullard GZ34 rectifier tube and the three Mullard ECC83 preamp tubes are all in very good condition.
Radiospare Grillcloth Cab with 4 original G12 Celestion Alnico Speaker T652 with Date Codes from July 1964 and H177 Cones.

In terms of sound you are in the 60s, the stack sounds exactly like an old split-front Marshall!
No comparison to all the other replicas!
And at a quarter of the price of an original stack!

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