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Red Post Plexi Halfstack
Condition: Good
SerNo: 8205 A
Weight: 50 kg
Shipping class: Extra Heavy
Brokerage sale: 10655


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1 in stock

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Super rare red "Custom Color" Marshall Halfstack.
The top is a 1969 JMP 50 Organ, model 1989.
The circuitry of the amp is more or less identical to the lead and bass models, but without the bass or treble boost.
The case is in top condition, the logo is no longer original.
The mains transformer in the amp was replaced a few years ago.

The box is equipped with three Pre Rola Greenbacks from 1969 and a Creamback from 1974.
The checkerboard and the plastic handles point to 1971, the back panel is still made of birch plywood, not pressboard, so before 1972.
A second speaker output was closed again. (under the JCM800 sign)
The black plastic corners were probably added later.

Head: Model 1989
JMP 50 Organ
Serial Number: 8205 A - either 1969 or 1970
2 x EL34 Power Tubes
Brown Turret Board
Point to Point Handwired
Replaced Power Transformer

120 watt
4 x Celestion
3 x Greenback - Pre Rola
T1281 = 30 Watt - 55 Hz
CB28 = 1969
1 x Creamback
T1976 = 30 Watt - 75 Hz
FG25 = 1974

With black castors


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Power Tubes

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