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Squier by Fender
Condition: Decent
SerNo: SQ09428
Weight: 3.9 kg Shipping class: Standard
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Out of stock

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1983 Squier - Stratocaster '72

Great SQ Squier as a copy of a 72 Strat with the big headstock, built in October 1983. Absolutely on par with the JVs in terms of handling.
You can see from the serial number (SQ09428) that this is one of the first series.
Built at Fujigen, of course, in parallel with the coveted JV Strats.
It should be noted that this SQ is still equipped with high quality throughout (wood, tuner, pick ups), which was not the case with later models.
And they didn't really pay attention in Japan, because there was no slabboard in 1972.

The guitar once had humbuckers and a different tremolo installed, now the original parts are back in. One potentiometer was replaced and the pickguard is not original.
Real Relic from playing, pleasant 3930 grams.

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