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Captain Guitar Lounge is an authorized Thorndal base.
Here you can check out guitars, amps and effects from the manufacture in Bad Berneck
and also order your custom guitar or custom amp.



electric guitars – electroacoustic – electric basses

You will find both the well-known and the innovative, the familiar and the optimized. And of course new stuff!

We have defined BASIC MODELS.
In addition, we offer our ‘MASTER BUILT’ instruments. These instruments are characterized by specials such as highly selected woods, by special hardware and electronic components, by details such as vintage clay dots, etc., and generally by a longer stay in our workshop.
Not found what you are looking for? Then have your CUSTOM instrument tailored to your requirements!

THORNDAL Amp & Cabinet

The objective of our instrument construction is the individual sound of the musician.

The logical consequence of this is that the rest of the equipment must serve the same goal. And that’s exactly what our guitar accessories – amp, cabinet, pedal, cable – are designed for


THORNDAL T 50 – the no-compromise amplifier


THORNDAL Duane ’69 Overdrive/Boost-Pedal

Thorndal is not just about instruments. Thorndal means Sound. Optimal stage sound.
And this includes, in addition to the guitar, bass, amplifier, box, pedal and cables that allow what the musician wants to express.
And that’s exactly what our guitar accessories are designed for.


Manufacture instruments made in Germany – since 1996
Why play a Thorndal?
Quite simply, for 4 reasons:


Thorndal is a craftsman’s business, a manufacture – so our instruments are
produced in a different way than in industrial production. This begins with the selection of woods, which are chosen to match each other.
Our Thorndal pickups are made by the best manufactures in Europe, our electronics are hand-selected, each potentiometer measured.
We work without the cost pressure of a controller and can thus produce a coherent whole from high-quality individual parts.


As everyone knows, you have a hard time with a standard car on the racetrack – it’s similar with a mass-produced guitar.
Our ambition is to give the musician a tool that makes it easy for him to find and produce his individual sound.
The performance of a Thorndal instrument – i.e. its handling, playability, sound, response (= the instrument’s feedback to the player) supports and inspires the artist in his creative work.


The sound of an electric guitar or bass comes from the interaction of woods, finish, hardware and electronics.
These 4 equal areas define the instrument. Even subtle changes in this structure can lead to major changes in sound, both positive and negative.
We see our central task in the coordination of these 4 basic pillars, on which we spend a lot of time and care.


It is with great pleasure that we choose our woods from the offers of the domestic timber industry and from the specialized trade of the region.
There is no need to use tropical woods, we try to avoid them in instrument making and to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.
Many years ago, a wise man put the following saying in our hearts, which has accompanied us in our work ever since:
“Those who do not master the handwriting of the old masters will not be able to create their own.”

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